Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your main destinations?
    From Mexico City, Guadalajara to Los Angeles and Chicago O’Hare, with connections in the US, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia.
    From Los Angeles and Chicago O’Hare to Guadalajara and Mexico City with connections to Central and South America.
  2. Can we transport dangerous goods?
    Yes. Pending analysis and authorization.
  3. Can we transport live animals?
    Yes. As long as they have valid documentation, including sanitary autorizations from the necessary countries.
  4. What is the maximum capacity of your aircrafts?
    We can transport up to 44 tons.
  5. Can we transport human remains?
    Yes. With the proper documentation.
  6. What is the maximum weight permitted per item?
    We can transport items up to 2500 kgs in weight.
  7. Can I transport oversized items?
    Yes. Pending analysis.