We operate a fleet of 5 Airbus A300 B4F-203 aircrafts, ideal due to their special features and excellent performance and efficiency.

Aircraft Type Serial No. Registration
A300 B4F-203 MSN 045 XA TWQ
A300 B4F-203 MSN 074 XA TVU
A300 B4F-203 MSN 210 XA LRL
A300 B4F-203 MSN 227 XA FPP
A300 B4F-203 MSN 247 XA MRC

The A300 B4F-203 can transport up to 97,000 pounds or 44 tons of cargo, with a range of 2,600 nautical miles or 4,800 kilometers. This represents an ideal combination of versatility and economy in cargo transportation for clients and operators. The significant weight and volume capacity of its main deck and its inferior compartments allow the use of pallets and contours that safely accommodate your cargo. Due to these, and many other reasons, we consider the A300 the most reliable aircraft to provide the best possible service for all our clients.