AeroUnion Legal Management

AeroUnión’s Legal Management is the area responsible for studying our Airline’s claims.
In order to provide an optimal service in the processing of your claims it is important to remember the following:

What is a claim?

It is the written statement that a client submits to the Airline for the nonconformity in the handling of your cargo.

What are the deadlines for submitting a claim?

Based on the Warsaw or Montreal Convention (as applicable), the deadlines for claiming from the time the goods arrive at their destination are:

  • Looting: 14 calendar days
  • Damage: 14 calendar days-
  • Delay: 21 calendar days-
  • Loss: 120 calendar days from the date of issuance of the airway bill

Claims submitted outside the above-mentioned deadlines are considered untimely and shall therefore not be dealt with by AeroUnión’s Legal Management.

How to submit a claim?

If you wish to state any novelty of your cargo, even without knowing the exact value of the loss and/or damage, nor the sufficient details and supports to initiate the study of your claim, you must submit the claim within the established deadlines, so that at the time of having complete information your claim is not untimely. This claim must be submitted in original at the nearest AeroUnión office, where it must be stamped as received in order to prove the date of entry.

If you have previously submitted a preliminary claim and wish to formalize it indicating the value claimed, you may do so by emailing reclamos@AeroUnió

It is important to note that the Airline shall not study your case until it has provided the value claimed and attached all documents that support that value.

Who can submit the claim?

The formal complaint can only be submitted by the consignee listed in the Master Air Waybill. If the agent, shipper or a third party wishes to do so, the consignee must assign its rights by sending a letter signed by a representative within the company.


What documents do you need to send in order for you claim to be reviewed?

Please include the following documentation when submitting a claim:
For damage, removal or partial or total loss of shipment

  • Formal Claim (specify the value claimed
  • Master Air Waybill-
  • House Air Waybill-
  • Breakdown Report -
  • Rights Assignment Letter (Except partial loss)
  • Cargo Manifest-
  • POD-
  • Commercial Invoice-
  • Packing List-
  • Declaration before customs.
  • An adjuster’s report assessing loss or damage.
  • Internal company report specifying the reasons for rejecting the product.
  • Certificate of destruction of the affected merchandise or proof of the final disposition thereof. If it was sold at a lower price, invoice of this sale (Sealed and signed by customs or competent authority).
  • Additional documents that you consider relevant to the review of the claim.
  • Copy of the Preliminary Claim with stamp received from the Airline.


More information:

  • General Conditions Document of the Freight Transportation Contract
  • Resolution IATA 600b Contract Conditions – Air Waybill Clauses
  • International Air Freight Claims Glossary
  • Contact with AeroUnión Legal Management Astrid Martínez



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