Pallet Contour

Technical Information:

Autonomy: 3,000 mn
Maximum Speed: MMO = 0.82 M
Maximum Fuel Capacity: 104,700 lbs
Maximum Altitude: 35,000 ft
Maximum Runway Altitude: 14,000 ft / snm

The A300B4F can transport up to 44 tons of cargo. It provides a valuable combination of versatility and economy for cargo handlers and their clients.

A significant amount of weight and volume can be carried in the main deck, as well as in spacious lower compartments, by using an efficient arrangement of pallets and contours.

Number of Pallets Dimensions
20 88’’ x 125’’ ( 223 x 317 cms.)

Number of Pallets Dimensions
14 96’’ x 125’’ ( 243 x 317 cms

Main deck positions

Profile type AAX for the 20 positions main deck load configurations

Profile for the 15 position main deck central load configuration (AeroUnion IGLU5)

Profile type AAA at the 14th and 15th positions of the 15 position main deck central load configuration (also named B727, CD8 or IGLU profile).

Note 1:  the 11th and 12th positions have a maximum lateral OHG of 50 cm (19.64 in) and a maximum height equal to 116 cm (45.7 in).
Note 2:  The 13th postion has an OHG of 40 cm (15.74 in) per side and a maximum height of 116 cm (45.5 in).
Note 3: Maximum dimensions with OHG for positions 1 to 10 are; 62 cm (24.4 in) per side and the maximum height is 130 cm (51.18 in).

Profile for the 14 positions main deck central load configuration (AeroUnion IGLU4)

Profile type AAA (on pallet 96’’ x 125’’) at the 13th and 14th positions of the 14 position main deck central load configuration.

Lower cargo positions

Type AAP Contour /  P1P Pallet for forward lower deck cargo compartment.

Length = 318 cm (125 in), Inside 304 cm (119.7)
Width = 224 cm (88 in), Inside 210 cm (82.7 in)
Height = 162 cm (63.8 in), Inside 150 cm (59 in)

Type PLA or ALP on pallet P9P for lower deck after cargo compartment.