AeroUnion is a Mexican cargo airline founded 22 years ago with the purpose of providing an ideal combination of versatility and economy in cargo transportation for our customers based on a business model with tailor-made solutions, covering the volatile needs of the market with a fleet of 5 aircraft and an added value focused on flexibility, strengthening and optimizing our route network, enhancing our ability to handle your shipments with passion and a high level of security coupled with exceptional service to provide logistics solutions to connect America with the world.

Products & Services

AeroUnion is capable to handle all types of cargo; has proven experience and has become a specialist in managing technology, dangerous goods, human remains, live animals, perishable, music equipment, oversized cargo, cars, general cargo, overweight cargo and high value cargo.


AeroUnion is authorized to operate charter flights within Mexico, United States of America, the Caribbean, Central and South America. For more information, please contact us via e-mail at the following addresses: maria.vizcaino@aerounion.com.mx miguel.ramirez@aerounion.com.mx axl.madrid@aerounion.com.mx

Fleet & Network

AeroUnion has a fleet of 5 cargo aircraft and an extensive network coverage that enables us to connect Mexico with the United States and offer our customers a host of destinations in Asia and Latin America through our interline partner agreements.

What's New

New Route to New York

Aerounion offers the route MEX-FK on Thursdays and Sundays since September 24, 2020 (see the itinerary for more details).


CCAR 129 Certificate

Aerounion has China’s CCAR 129 certificate to operate MEX-PVG flights for one year since October 29, 2020.


New "Core" System at Aerounion

Aerounion has worked with IBS to provide better service to our customers by implementing the new ICargo system to make web reservations and track their cargo.